What's in my (grocery) bag?

Friday, August 19, 2011
In my grocery bag 8/19/11

The sad thing is, I have tons of reusable grocery bags, but I don't always remember to get them out of the car when I go in to shop! We've started using grocery-store plastic bags as our trash bags, so we haven't actually purchased trash bags in years, which is fabulous.  Anyway, from a visit to World Market we have:

  • Gray scarf- to replace one I bought on the Boul'Mich, which sadly disappeared over the course of two moves

  • PG Tips- my favorite cheap tea; I love the top-hinge cardboard box, as well

  • Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold- bought to try it out; it has a warrant from the Prince of Wales, which screams out from the shelf to a snob like myself (I keep saying I'm going to buy the organic gin that Prince Charles drinks some day, but I'm a wee bit attached to my Tanqueray, which has a royal warrant from the Queen)

    Please be sure to check out yesterday's post: "Potato Scones and Entertainment for the New Economy"

    Have a great weekend!

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