Brandy Cheesecake

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The table laid for Paul's birthday: Lemonade*, Brandy Cheesecake and Bourbon Pecan Pie

Showing off my vintage tablecloth

A slice of Brandy Cheesecake

Brandy Cheesecake

  1. The 9" springform pan is coated with 2 tablespoons of very soft butter.

  2. The butter is coated with soft breadcrumbs (from my English White Bread) and a teaspoon of sugar.

  3. The cream cheese should be softened enough so that sugar can be stirred in with a spoon and you don't have to get a mixer dirty!

  4. Stirring in eggs and vanilla

  5. Sifted flour is folded in.

  6. After batter is poured into pan, nutmeg is grated over the top.

  7. Just out of the oven

  8. Chilled and ready to cut

*from the recipe in my 1950 Betty Crocker cookbook

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