Forever Nigella: Cheesecake(?) Ice Cream

Saturday, July 30, 2011
Nigella's Cheesecake Ice Cream

OK, so it doesn't really taste like cheesecake.  It's not tangy enough.  However, this is a really tasty vanilla ice cream that doesn't require an ice cream maker.  That's right.  I love not having to use my ice cream maker.  It's a pain to clean and it's turned my ice cream mixture into butter on more than one occasion, so I haven't used it in two years.  I should probably give it to Goodwill or something, but I keep thinking I'm going to need it.

Bottom line--if you are sans ice cream maker, you are not dependent on industrial ice cream.  Try this one; it's a lot cheaper than the quality store-bought stuff, too.

Cheesecake Ice Cream recipe at

Top row: CSA eggs make the custard a lovely yellow color; local cream in a glass bottle makes the world seem better
Bottom row: cream whipped to soft peaks; the final product, served with half a digestive biscuit

Thanks to Arthi at Soul Curry for hosting the seventh Forever Nigella Blogging Event.  The Official Forever Nigella page is at Maison Cupcake.


Gene Tierney
I leave you with the gorgeous Gene Tierney.  I really want this amazing swimsuit; maybe I can wear it while enjoying some not-really-cheesecake ice cream?

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