Dorothy Lamour's Strawberry Ice Cream

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
The ice cream is a very delicate, Laura Ashley pink.

I'm running behind on my posting (my, we had a busy weekend), so I thought I would just post this little shout-out to Jenny at Silver Screen Suppers, who posted the recipe for Dorothy Lamour's Strawberry Ice Cream this month.

A beautiful publicity shot of Dorothy Lamour (from Doctor Macro)

Ms. Lamour seems to think it only takes 15 minutes to freeze ice cream, but Jenny and I agree that it takes a bit longer.  Just to test this theory, the photo from above was taken two hours after the mixture went into the freezer.  Not that it wasn't fabulously tasty, but it was still just really cold strawberry whipped cream.  The next night, though, after the ice cream had a chance to "ripen," it was so very yummy.  I didn't even get a chance to take a photo.  It looked like proper ice cream at that point.

I only had enough strawberries left to make 1/3 recipe.  After adding the cream and whipping to medium-ish peaks (not soft, not firm, just right), I needed a quart-sized container for it, so be prepared if you need to store an entire recipe!

If you can still find strawberries where you are, run out and get some and make this ice cream and then eat it while watching one of the Road movies.  Or go the Laura Ashley route and eat between rounds of croquet on the lawn.
Also be sure to stop by Jenny's other site where she's cooking a Vincent Price meal a week: Vincentennial Cookblog.  As you can imagine, it's right up my alley.

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