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Tuesday, April 5, 2011
What's for Breakfast?    What's for Lunch?    What's for Dinner?

These are the questions I face when I enter the kitchen everyday. Even though I have a pantry and fridge fully stocked, I find it difficult to quickly plan meals. This results in some grocery ingredients forgotten to be used up, going bad and finally they get tossed. Without any menu planned out for the week, I found that we were eating the same meals over and over. This results in a cooking and eventually a blogging block since I have no interesting stuff made in my kitchen.

I realized that I need to follow a proper planned out menu, in order to make interesting, healthy and balanced meals and also use up all ingredients in my pantry. Monthly menus did not work well, since I ran out of certain ingredients or forgot to restock some of them. I hope weekly menus would be more effective and would also serve as a guideline for my weekly grocery shopping. It helps save time and make my meals more balanced.

So, you will be seeing weekly menus here, probably for all three meals of the day, probably at the beginning of each week. I will also try to link to the recipes if I have them already in my blog.

So here is the menu for the week!
BF - Soaked Almonds - 5 each, Steel Cut Oats cooked with flaxseed meal and topped with walnuts and blueberries, Coffee
Lunch - Bean burger on sandwich thins, side salad with lettuce, olives, tomato, cucumbers and goat cheese, homemade buttermilk
Dinner - Aloo Paratha with ketchup and yogurt

BF - Soaked Almonds - 5 each, Dosa with tomato chutney, Orange juice
Lunch -Whole wheat pasta salad and lemon juice
Dinner - Bisibelabath and homemade vazhakkai/banana chips

BF - Moong dal sprouts, steel cut oats with bananas and walnuts, OJ
Lunch - Trader Joes Masala Burger on Sandwich thins, Banana
Evening Snack - Ginger Tea and Kuzhi Paniyaram
Dinner - Chapati/Roti with channa masala

BF - Moong Dal sprouts, Bread toast with homemade jam, OJ
Lunch - Left over channa masala, rotis
Dinner - Chapati with egg kurma

BF - Soaked Almonds - 5 each, cereals/steel cut oats with berries, OJ
Lunch - Rice, dhal and beetroot poriyal, curd rice
Evening snack - Kesari!!
Dinner - Eat out

Since I cook lunch only for myself, I tend to keep my lunches simple and make elaborate meals for dinner. Also, as of now I am planning menus only for weekdays. Will start posting weekend menus, once it I try sticking to the weekday menus.

If you have similar menus planned out, do leave a link in the comments section and I shall link them up in my posts.

Do you plan out your meals regularly? If so, how do you keep track of them?

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