Diet Foods Roundup Part I ( Soups and Salads)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
After much delay I am posting the Diet Foods event roundup! A big thanks to all my lovely blogger friends for sending in their lovely entries and making this event a huge success. I received more than 80 recipes. I will be posting the round up in 3 parts. Here is Part I featuring Soups and Salads. All the entries are nutritious and very suitable to be taken during diets..
Carrot Soup by Priti
Sweet corn soup by Mahimaa
10 simple soups by Ramki
Cabbage and Bulgur soup by Priya


Herbal Juice by Priya
Zucchini Clear soup by Priya
Tortilla soup by Supriya
Beetroot soup by Neema

Coriander and Carrot Soup by Radhika
Zucchini and split green pea soup by Usha
Butternut squash with lentil soup
Spicy green soup by Priya

Cabbage soup by Srivalli
Cabbage soup by Divya Vikram
Raagi koozh by Divya Vikram

Corn chat by Uma
Red Kidney bean salad by Mahimaa
Kaccha kobi or cabbage salad by Meera
Carrot salad by Divya Kudua

Broken wheat Pomegranate salad by Suma
Sprouted green gram salad by Uma
Salade Mexicaine by Deesha
Sprouts salad with roasted garlic vinaigrette by Madhavi

Sprouted whole moong dhall salad by Shama
Black bean salad by Neema
Chaat or salad by Alka
Sprouted wheat berry salad by Jayashree

Yoghurt pomo salad by Illatharasi
Vegetable salad with homemade ranch by Sangeeth
Chickpea salad with roasted tomatoes by Soma

With Obama winning the elections, I am glad to say that my entry Cheese stuffed Jalapenos won the MBP:Cheese event hosted by Siri. Thanks to all my family and friends for voting for me!!
Part II and Part III coming soon with more of delicious and diet friendly recipes!!

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